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School Assignments

Burton Valley Elementary

Suzy Pak

Happy Valley Elementary

Kenny Tuckerman

Lafayette Elementary

Jean Follmer

Springhill Elementary 

Rob Sturm

Stanley Middle

Meredith Meade


Board Committees Board Member Board Member
Policy Review/Revisions  Kenny Tuckerman  Rob Sturm
School Transportation/Bus JPA  Jean Follmer  
Traffic & Safety-Joint City/District  Suzy Pak  Jean Follmer
Superintendent's Committees    
Communications  Meredith Meade  Kenny Tuckerman
Curriculum Council  Kenny Tuckerman    Suzy Pak
Wellness  Meredith Meade  Suzy Pak
LPIE (Lafayette Partners in Education)  Kenny Tuckerman  Suzy Pak
LTCC Legislation Committee   Rob Sturm  Jean Follmer
   (Las Trampas Creek Council PTA)    
RAPPORT  Meredith Meade  Rob Sturm
Sustainability  Rob Sturm  
CSBA  Meredith Meade  
Lafayette Education Assoc. (LEA)  Meredith Meade  Suzy Pak
California School Employees Assoc. (CSEA)   Jean Follmer  Kenny Tuckerman


Committee Meetings

Wednesday, June 20, 2018 - Traffic and Safety Task Force

Monday, October 1, 2018 - Traffic and Safety Task Force