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Procedures for Selection of Parent Education Speakers and Events

The Lafayette School District understands that parents are a vital and dynamic component of the school community and desires to present relevant and purposeful Parent Education. With this in mind, the District Parent Education Committee (DPEC) composed of parent education representatives from each of the school sites, the Superintendent, and the Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction, will work in cooperation and partnership with the Principals, PTA/PFC Executive Boards and Parent Education representatives at each school site to coordinate and schedule Parent Education speakers and events throughout the district to bring an integrated and consistent message that is aligned with District and school site goals and initiatives according to the following procedures:

1) Selecting Potential Speakers and Topics for School Site Parent Education:

  • Under the guidance and direction of the Principal, the Parent Education representative(s) and designated PTA/PFC Executive Board members at each school site will meet with the Principal to discuss possible Parent Education topics, ideas, and potential speakers, from within the District or outside of the District, to be hosted at their site or as part of a larger, district Parent Education event that would include all sites. When possible, this meeting would take place in the spring so that school site Parent Education events can be calendared for the upcoming school year in conjunction with District Parent Education events. 
  • When selecting speakers and topics, it will be important to review the focus and intention of the presentation with the Principal and/or the Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction, especially if the presenter wants to: solicit clients for a business; sell/distribute products, materials, and/or service for profit; offer a program or product which is not approved by the district or that the district may not be intending to adopt.

2)  Coordinating and Scheduling Parent Education Presentations:

  • Once the school site committee in conjunction with the Principal has reviewed, discussed and selected potential speakers and possible dates for presentations, the Parent Education representatives from the school sites will bring this information to a DPEC meeting for the purposes of coordination and alignment of all site and district events. It is the goal of the DPEC to work in cooperation with the individual schools sites to reduce over-scheduling of events in a particular week or month and to reduce any duplication of presentations that might occur.
  • The DPEC will make every effort to schedule all District-wide Parent Education events at least eight months to one year in advance, whenever possible, to promote easier, more coordinated planning.

3) Advertising and Promoting Parent Education Presentations:

  • The DPEC will promote all school and district-sponsored events throughout the District and the community if requested. 
  • Parent organizations may choose to advertise outside organizations’ Parent Education offerings in their community section that states: “The following events/activities/organizations are not school or district sponsored or endorsed.”
  • For site sponsored events, the Parent Education representative will need to submit to the Chairperson of the DPEC the following information at least 3-4 weeks prior to the event:
  • a flyer (in a Word doc or PDF file for download) to be included in the Friday Folders 
  • a write-up for publication in enews according to the following format:


Day, Date, Time

Location, Address

Write Up about the Presentation

Write Up about the Presenter(s)