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Media & Information Systems Team

Media & Information Services Team
Media & Information Services Team

The LAFSD Media and Information Systems Team works to ensure that our schools are powerful learning environments for all students. Our primary goal is to collaborate with each other, administrators, teachers, classified personnel, and students so that we may meaningfully infuse technology and media tools across the curriculum, and also to maximize productivity and efficiency among our staff and facilities.

Our team includes site-based Computer Specialists, site-based Library Specialists, District Technology Maintenance Assistants, our District Supervisor of Network Services, and our Coordinator of Technology. Together, we oversee and maintain hardware, implement cloud applications, incorporate the use of various tools into classroom instruction, ensure students build information and media literacy skills in creative and collaborative ways, and support teachers and staff in their learning of new tools.

As a group, we welcome the challenge of working in the field of education during a time when technology literacy is critical to our students' future success. While we work to keep up with the moving target that is technology, we also stay grounded in using tools that serve a clear purpose and support the district's emphasis on the workshop model. Please contact your school for more information about specific programs and tools we are using.

Media & Information Systems Team

Lucy Amaral
District Device Specialist

Stephanie Coffee
Computer Specialist, BVE

Cody Greene
Library Specialist, BVE

Ralph Channel
Computer Specialist, HVE

Stephanie McLin
Library Specialist, HVE

Marissa Comins
Library Specialist, LAF

Eileen Love
Computer Specialist, LAF

Jayson Caraccioli
Computer Specialist, SPR

Stacey Goertzen
Library Specialist, SPR

Valerie Paschall
Library Specialist, Stanley

Barbara Stevens
Teacher Librarian, Stanley

Jeff Turner
Supervisor of Network Services

Kathy Lundberg-Moussaoui
Database Coordinator

Karen McMillan
Coordinator of Technology