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Brent Stephens

Dr. Brent Stephens

Contact Dr. Stephens:

By phone at (925) 927-3502

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The Lafayette School District welcomes Dr. Brent Stephens as its Superintendent, effective July 1, 2022. For the past three years, Dr. Stephens has been the Superintendent of Berkeley Unified School District, successfully leading that district through the COVID-19 pandemic with a focus on equity and access, and prior to that, serving as the Chief Academic Officer for San Francisco Unified School District, where he oversaw curriculum, coaching, and professional development. 

Dr. Stephens began his teaching career as a Spanish bilingual teacher in Oakland, and later in Boston, supporting immigrant students and their families. While working as a teacher in Boston, Dr. Stephens achieved National Board certification, the country’s highest professional distinction. Dr. Stephens’ experience as a school principal in both elementary and middle school settings has helped build on his knowledge of standards-based teaching, scaffolding and differentiation, and the positive role that students’ own backgrounds and cultures should play in classrooms. During his tenure as the Chief Academic Officer in San Francisco, Dr. Stephens led the creation and implementation of innovative curriculum in all subject areas, and worked closely on Special Education issues, including more equitable redistribution of Special Day Classes around the district and research-based approaches to reading instruction.

Most recently, as superintendent of the Berkeley Unified School District, Dr. Stephens guided the district’s pandemic response, maintaining excellent education while partnering with parents and the community to provide needed outside resources and support to families through an innovative “Ed Hub” partnership. Additionally, under his leadership, the district was able to pass a $380 million school construction bond, as well as measures to increase teacher salaries and recruitment, and retention of teachers of color. He spearheaded Investments in educational equity, including early literacy, special education, and mental health supports, as well as partnerships and programs to support the district’s African American, LatinX, and AAPI students and families. 

Dr. Stephens holds a doctorate from Harvard University and his work on school reform has been published by Harvard Education Press. When he is not working, he loves to spend time with family, hike the East Bay hills, and make art and music.